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Why Is The Quantified Athlete Market Ripe for Disruption?

We’ve prioritized the Quantified Athlete trend for several important reasons:

Quantified Athlete Annual M&A Size Chart

There were 29 acquisitions of Quantified Athlete companies between 2013 and 2016 for an estimated $5.4 billion.

How'd we come up with this number?

There were 18 deals that accounted for roughly $3.4 billion in total M&A. These public figures show the average deal size in this category is roughly $186 million. There were 11 other private transactions, which we estimate account for another $2.0B. Together, all 29 Quantified Athlete transactions represented $5.4 billion. With this level of capital investment and interest in this space, we see a consolidation coming across point solutions so there is a more complete window into the athlete's body and performance.

Marc Lemann, one of our advisors at the Sports Innovation Lab, recently led an investment in Strava, a cycling company working on quantified athlete solutions.

"Go4it’s investment in Strava bolsters the company’s portfolio of sports technology assets, which also includes Keemotion, TAPPP, Greenfly and goFlow." - SportsPro

To learn more about what investors are looking for in this space, we caught up with Marc at CES.

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