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Precision Nutrition: The Next Frontier in Health and Performance

Over the past six months at the Sports Innovation Lab, we've been tracking companies that are developing novel approaches to highly individualized nutrition. These companies fit into a trend we like to call Precision Nutrition.

What is Precision Nutrition?

Precision Nutrition is the practice of tailoring what an individual eats and drinks based on their genes, environment and lifestyle.

What variables are important?

Precision Nutrition takes a variety of biological and environmental factors into consideration. This includes variables like:

And, in the not-too-distant future might also account for things like:

How is tech used?

Breakthroughs in DNA testing, wearables and microfluidics have accelerated Precision Nutrition efforts dramatically.

Here’s an example of what Precision Nutrition looks like in practice:

Where is it now?

Today, we aren’t far from realizing the goal of Precision Nutrition:

And, there’s been increased partnership and investment activity in the space:

Looking ahead:


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