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Presenting the Sports Technology Innovation NEXT Awards

Look out, everyone! We’re turning the tables on the world of sports awards.

For the first time, the Sports Innovation Lab is hosting and presenting the Sports-Tech NEXT Awards. During the Sports Technology and Innovation conference, we’ll reward those companies that are most innovative in one of our five research trends: Quantified Athlete, Immersive Media, Smart Venue, Next-Gen Sponsorship, and Esports.

We’re calling on a team of expert advisors, including Zaileen Jonmohamed, SVP of Client Services at GMR Marketing, Lou Kovacs, CMO of Octagon North America, Dr. Leslie Saxon, Executive Director of the USC Center for Body Computing, and Bill Hanway, Executive VP at AECOM, to help us rigorously select the most innovative companies.

We’ll be awarding the best technologies using a focused set of evaluation metrics.

Read below for more details.

What’s in it for you?

Winning companies, i.e., those selected as most innovative in a trend by our panel of experts, will be recognized during the Sports Technology Innovation conference in Las Vegas.The five winners—one from each category—will receive special recognition in the exclusive lounge being built by the Sports Innovation Lab.

The top 5 nominees in each trend category will be announced 2 weeks prior to the start of CES on Tuesday, December 26. The winners will be secret until CES begins!

We’ll also showcase a crowd favorite during CES itself, based on the top 5 in each category.

How to nominate

Nomination is easy: visit our nominations form and submit by Friday November 20, 2017! Remember to pick one of our 5 trends (see below for a quick refresher on what those are) as the category you’re nominating for and let us know what’s so innovative, refreshing, disruptive, wonderful, cool about that company…you get the picture.

(Really, November 20 is the cut off. We have to give our expert judges time to rigorously test companies and their products to fairly reward the most deserving.)

In case you forgot: A Brief History of Trends

Quantified Athlete: companies that monitor, measure, and predict athlete training and performance.

Immersive Media: companies that develop digital sports content experiences and deliver consumers greater choice, control, and mobility.

Smart Venue: companies that help venues maximize profit and deliver a world-class experience to consumers and business partners.

Next-Gen Sponsorship: companies that help brands and sporting events create seamlessly integrated digital experiences that deeply engage consumers before, during, and after events.

Esports: companies that provide high-level competitive video gaming platforms and foster teams, leagues, and tournaments.

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