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Sports Innovation Lab Publishes Essential Sports-Tech Market Trend Overview

PRESS RELEASE — BOSTON, MASS. May 15, 2018: The Sports Innovation Lab today published their Sports-Tech Market Trend Overview report. The document, in detailing the technological capabilities of companies across five essential sports-tech trends, demonstrates the complexity of the rapidly growing sports-tech market. Available for free to anyone, the report can be downloaded here.

“We founded the Sports Innovation Lab because the sports-tech market is complicated, expansive, and growing rapidly,” said Sports Innovation Lab CEO and Co-Founder Angela Ruggiero. “With over 3000 companies profiled in our software, we understood that to make sense of this space, we needed first to organize and classify all that we saw. This report is a glimpse into how we use our data tools to make sense of this complicated sector.”

The insights in the report were developed using the Sports Innovation Lab’s proprietary market intelligence software. Analysts at the Sports Innovation Lab use the tools to surface innovation companies and technology in the industry and to identify leading indicators for trends in the market. The same data tools used by analysts are available to Sports Innovation Lab clients and partners.

The Sports-Tech Market Trend Overview is the first in a series of free reports being developed by the Sports Innovation Lab over the next few months. Following the first report will be specific trend reports on Immersive Media, Next-Generation Sponsorship, Smart Venues, Esports, and Quantified Athlete, that dive deeper into the particular capabilities and considerations of each essential sports-tech trend.

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