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Next-Generation Sponsorship is Now

This week, The Sports Innovation Lab published our Next-Generation Sponsorship Trend Report. Download it here.

It's a truism to say that digital technology is changing everything. From taxis to cold-brew coffee, telecoms to farming, the accelerating rate of technological change is impacting everything we know and do.

For as long as we've had professional sports, advertising and sponsorship have been its lifeblood. Early stadium signage, branded and sponsored equipment, sponsored media and so on—the entire ecology of professional sports has been built on the concept of reaching a willingly engaged audience.

And you can bet your business that technology is changing sponsorship, too. We're in a period of increased anxiety about the value of digital activations, and with each new form of entertainment comes a new engagement model for marketers to optimize their activations. How are sports organizations, on both the buy and sell side of the economy, supposed to manage all this technological tumult?

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This week, the Sports Innovation Lab published our Next-Generation Sponsorship Trend Report, titled: "How Technology is Reshaping The Sports Sponsorship Market." In it, we outline what changes and trends our analysts are seeing in sports sponsorship, detail how technology is changing the entire sponsorship process, and present a framework for successful implementation of technology in sports sponsorship.

Anyone who works in sports, but specifically professionals who are tasked with adapting the operational model in their organization (we see you Innovation Officers) should read this report. And, as with all our work, our insights and perspectives are developed through a mixed-methods research approach that leverages the data in our proprietary software research portal, in conjunction with qualitative discourse analysis and expert interviews.

Download the report today, and reach out to us when you want to learn even more about our vision for the future of sports sponsorship.

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