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Sports Betting in the Age of the Fluid Fan

For the past year, since the Supreme Court decided to put responsibility for regulating sports betting in the hands of the states, there's been tremendous energy around sports betting as a future revenue stream in the United States.

Some of this focus is a result of concerns about the future of the once-stable revenue streams of media rights, sponsorship, merchandise, and tickets. The hope is that sports betting may be able to fill the gap left from declining revenues in those other streams.

As we explain in our A New Age of Sports report, the entire sports industry is facing potential disruption by way of competition in the marketplace of attention. Fans have more content, and more ways to consume that content, than ever before, and for sports to survive, it will need to evolve. Fluid Fans will put new pressures on the sports market for innovative experiences driven by novel technologies.

So how will sports betting evolve in the Age of the Fluid Fan? We've put together a handy infographic to help explain how we see sports betting making an impact on the sports industry in the years to come:

Sports Betting Infographic

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