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CEO Ruggiero Hosts Brand New Fluid Fan Podcast

The world of sports is changing fast, and leaders need to stay ahead.

The New Age of Sports is coming.

Are you ready?

The Sports Innovation Lab presents a brand new podcast, hosted by 4-time Olympic medalist, CEO and founder, Angela Ruggiero. It’s all about the future of sports, and the leaders who will bring us there.

You can listen to the first episode, featuring Whoop CEO and Founder Will Ahmed, today. (Apple)(Soundcloud)

Every two weeks, Angela interviews thought-leaders from across the sports industry, asking them about their career, and about how they see the sports industry changing because of technology.

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You'll be hearing from guests like: - Will Ahmed - CEO and Founder of Whoop - Sandra Lopez - GM/VP at Intel Sports Group - Matt Rossetti - Founder at Rosetti - Scott Butera - President of Interactive Gaming at MGM Resorts International - and many more…

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